Image Upload

In order to add a profile image to a user account:
Your photo cannot be larger than 10 KB with a max of 96×96 and it must use one of the following file extensions: .jpg , .gif , .png or bmp and added to the ‘thumbnailPhoto’ attribute in the AD. Many use ‘CodeTwo Active Directory Photo’ for uploading the image. Be aware that it can take more than 72 hours for the image to be updated after adding it to the AD.

In Office 365:

Set-UserPhoto -Identity “briangrantmust@proactive.local” -PictureData ([System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes($photo)) -Confirm:$false

In AD:

Set-ADUser –Identity btgrant -Replace @{thumbnailPhoto=([byte[]](Get-Content “C:\photos\btg.jpg” -Encoding byte))}

You can use a photo from your computer or from a network share that’s linked to your computer. You can use a photo or other image that’s up to 500 kilobytes (KB) in size.

From OWA:

Cog Wheel >Office 365 Settings>Personal Info>Hover mouse over image>Change Photo>Browse>Upload & Save